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Creating on Purpose! Manifesting through the Chakras

Creating on Purpose! Manifesting through the Chakras

4-day workshop with Anodea and Lion ~ Live and Alive

February 18-22, 2013

Kripalu Retreat Center
Lenox, Massachusetts

Are you ready to create the life of your dreams? Manifestation is joyous when you know how to break through the blocks that stand in the way. Ecstasy comes from realizing your goals — whether getting your book published, buying a house, finishing a project, taking a vacation, or serving the world. Anodea and Lion have offered this workshop throughout the world to rave reviews, with past participants commenting, “I am fulfilling my wildest dream,” and “I smashed through my limiting beliefs.”

In this workshop, you’ll learn tools, techniques and practices to clear the obstacles at each chakra and catapult you into the life you want. These four days will set your world on fire, enabling you to create miraculous results.

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