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You do have that power.

You are the Creator of your personal Universe.

Most of us were never informed of this simple fact, nor were we shown how to use our power to create the world we want, in alignment with our life purpose.

The process of manifestation is a step-by-step process – and you need to take every step along the way. It requires both thought and action. It takes vision and communication. It takes belief and will.

Creating on Purpose is a comprehensive guidebook for the manifestation process, beginning with clarification of your highest aspirations, then bringing them into fruition in the real world.

Thousands of people have taken our workshops across the U.S., Europe, and Central America. They learned the tools, put them into practice, and enriched their lives. They brought their dreams into reality.

Now, this unique, step-by-step methodology has been put into a book that guides you along the way. It includes an in-depth study of 1) how your inner self functions , 2) how the the outer world is constructed, and 3) how to bring the two into alignment in order to create what you want – one step at a time.

At the heart of this work are the seven chakras, the energy centers in your body which form a map for navigating the broad terrain between heaven and earth – between idea and reality.


You’ll learn to feel, understand, and integrate the downward flow of energy through the chakras, from crown to ground. This allows you to make real and positive change in your world, and align your highest aspirations with your daily actions.


Creating On Purpose offers you a set of powerful tools for handling the inevitable obstacles, barriers and interference that rise up whenever you take a step forward toward your dreams. At each chakra level, inner resistance and outer blocks keep you stuck in old patterns, preventing you from bringing your dreams into existence in the physical world. When you know how to move blocks aside as they appear, you can create a new reality – on purpose – for yourself, your family, and your community.


“A pleasurable and deeply useful guide to making your dreams real.”
~ Bill Kauth

Whether your dreams are large or small, personal or global, this book will guide you through the manifestation process, lighting your path toward realization.

Your guides on the path to your dreams,

           Anodea  &  Lion